The unexpected uses of iPods and their effects

The iPods have been used in many ways but there are some unexpected uses of iPods. These unexpected ways in which iPods can be used are:

  • Train doctors: A recent study in the United States shows that iPods increase interns by two times which is the ability to identify the sounds of the heart when something is wrong. Using the iPod one can listen a number of times to the recordings of normal and abnormal beat patterns of the heart.
  • Bringing criminals for justice: This has been implemented by the United States federal district court on an experimental basis. In this process the iPod is used to hold wiretap transmissions in a drug conspiracy case. This is done as it is easier to store the recordings compared to CDs or cassette tapes. The lawyers and the clients can access and work on the recordings in a secured atmosphere. This would result in the proper proceedings without any confusion.
  • Get yourself in good shape: The iPods can provide entertainment to people who want to remain fit. The program in the iPods can plan training routes for the joggers. This program helps to plan the route and eventually installs the iPod with the required maps, goals and distances. This proves to be of great help in making the people fit and active.
  • Touring great cities: The application iSubwayMaps is very useful. It helps to download subway maps from the major cities around the globe. These include New York, Moscow and even Hong Kong and Tokyo. The iPod helps in giving all the relevant and necessary information needed to make visits.
  • Calculating the right tip in your bill: If one is not too much comfortable with Maths he can use the TipKalc application on the iPod. This helps to calculate the tip as well as the total on your bill. One need not worry of making calculations if he knows to access the iPod.
  • Recording Flight Data: A company named LoPresti Speed Merchants says it all. This company has announced to use iPods as Flight data recorder in the near future. It would serve as a “black box” and is able to record around 500 hours of flight data time.
  • In sports: One of the pitchers for the Houston Astros team use a video iPod in order to review his pitching to improve his technique. He even analysed the techniques of the opponent batsmen in order to make the best use of it..
  • Learning foreign languages: In the university classrooms iPods are becoming very popular with students who use them to record lectures and formally learn foreign languages.
  • Test for cheating: It is a well known fact that technology can be used for bad as well as for good purpose. In fact it was reported widely that students have been using iPods to cheat in exams. They would ideally put in the ear buds and would access information for class notes and recordings in order to clear the exams.

Thus we see that how an iPod can be used in unusual and unexpected ways.